Danny Monico | President

As a Director/Cinematographer/Editor, Danny Monico has established himself as a visual story teller.

He successfully started, developed and grew the Digital Entertainment Division at Open Road Integrated Media, a digital publisher and multimedia company. Danny has also worked and interviewed powerhouse names such as Robert Duval, Jeremy Irons, Kirk Douglas, Liza Minnelli, Keira Knightly, Benedict Cumberbatch, Scott Cooper, and James McvAoy.

In 2014, Danny produced 12 short films for TED in various countries around the world, from Hong Kong to Kenya, to capture the worlds most important innovators, inventors and researchers of today.

He has worked on short narratives, documentaries, corporate profiles, and has work travel experience from the small wine vineyards of France, to the towering heights of Shanghai. Capturing the world through an intimate cinematic vision, he specializes in profiling individuals and bringing out an emotive storyline in every piece.